Our world
goes GreeeN

Action able to meet needs (set and achieved results)

Production of goods and services with the lowest possible resource use

Activity costs proportioned to available resources (input/output)

Our system engineering controls minor factors that can lead to major and unexpected results.

SAGER provides environmental services based on an efficient engineering approach, through which, starting from a detailed analysis of the initial situation, it carries out a deep study and thorough planning of changes to be done, assessing available resources, and conceives innovative solutions in a spirit of cooperation with local communities.  SAGER is a Company open to interaction and cooperation with public players, businesses and citizens, being aware that their behaviours and choices have a decisive impact on waste management and pollution.

In the Seventies, a theoretical model initially conceived for weather-related events led to the image of a butterfly flapping its wings in a corner of the world resulting in a number of events on the other side of the planet. Later on, this metaphor was successfully used by sociologists studying globalization. This image is indeed helpful in describing two interconnected effects of the modern world: a minor event can lead to major and unexpected results; something happening far away can shape things where you live, in the place you call home.

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